From producing Detroit Techno and Drum'N'Bass to Video Game Music and Psytrance, Arkaeus hits the internet with unique Electronica sounds. Having released successful remixes such as Madeleine Bloom's “Zero Tolerance” or Cell 7's "Red", Arkaeus explores the depths of audio synthesis bringing you tracks like "Prelude to Lunar Eclipse", "Dark Perils", and soon-to-be released EP "QcD".

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thanksgiving EDM

Head over to my Facebook page to grab my latest mix, a 30 minute EDM headbanger!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another Blue Stahli?

You bet your ass I did another one. I've been working on Metamorphosis for a very long time. Life has been busy and so this project has been collecting lots of dust and over the winter holidays I managed to patch it back to life and give some kick. Today I revised it a little and decided it was time to go public with this remix.

So here it is, the full 320kbps of it's glory:

Download it, share it, and let people enjoy it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Holy cow I've been away for a while.

So I haven't posted anything in a long ass time due to the following reason:

Semi-Professional Gaming. I was picked up by a Sponsor during the Summer and I've been very busy competing in North American in a game called ShootMania. I go under the alias "tautheory" in case you're wondering.

But all of that doesn't mean I haven't been doing music. I just upgraded my studio by buying some sexy Behringer Truth Monitors and I love them. Amazing quality so I can't complain. I've also been working on two new production tracks: A psytrance track and a Trap one. You will get to hear both as we appreciate the Christmas holidays.

Stay tuned for a new mixing coming out soon! I'm hoping to hit the decks this weekend to spin up a few new Electro House tunes for everyone.

Keep on following! I'm not dead, just been taking a little break to focus on my gaming career.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

March 5th Tracklist

Hey everyone,

Sorry I've been inactive for a while. I went to Japan for 2 weeks and I've been busy with transitioning between jobs. In any case, a listener actually brought up a really good point: I'm missing the March 5th mix tracklist! So here it is:

Adam K - Wake Up feat. Naan (Morgan Page)
Alex Kenji & Starkillers & Nadia Ali - Pressure (Alesso Remix)
Kaskade feat. Mindy Gledhill - Eyes (Extended Mix)
Tom Cloud & Tiff Lacey - A New Day (Soarsweep Remix)
Eximinds feat Aelyn - Fairy Tale (Soarsweep Remix)
Maor Levi & Bluestone - On Our Own (Original Mix)
Roger Shah Pres. Sunlounger fear. Zara Taylor - Feels Like Heaven
Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Concrete Angel (Original Mix)
Sunlounger feat. Zara Taylor - Found (Original Mix)
Joseph Areas - Subtle Motion (Original Mix)
Hanski - Placebo (Original Mix)
Sundriver - Dreamer (Original Mix)
Jan Martin - Lost Tonight (Willem De Roo & Stunson Dub Mix)
Will Holland feat. Jezza - Start Again (Juvunta Remix)
Arcane Science feat. Melissa Loretta - Still Feel (You Here) (The Thrillseekers Remix)
Michael Salvatori - Never Forget (Tritonal Halo3 Bootleg Mix)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Busy and busier?

Hey everybody, it's been a long time since I've posted anything so I thought I would give you all an update. I've been multi-tasking a few things over the summer, but I've been focusing primarily on my gaming career as I recently got sponsored. Due to this, my music stuff has been slowing day but I really need to pick it up again.

Last week I posted up a new mix for Hardstyle featuring some of the latest hit tracks and it worked out perfect for a on-the-go mix (unplanned, just went away and recorded). If you haven't heard it yet, it's getting quite the fame:

 Hear it, love it, and spread it <3 In other news, I might be in a lineup for an Ottawa DJ festival in 2013, but no promises just yet. Anyways, I'll keep you all up-to-date as I go and hopefully I can finish up that chillout/electronic mix. Also -- don't forget to interact. The more comments the better!!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer 2012 Kick off

I've been quite silent recently due to my exam period and trying to get used to my new Summer job. However, today I have marked as the my first official day of Summer 2012 and along with it, a brand new sexy mix!!!

You can find the whole playlist there. Pass it on, spread it, make it famous and most of all, enjoy your freaking-ass Summer!

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hey everyone,

I have been very busy lately trying to finish up this university term. I am currently in exam season and will be finished next Saturday (I can't wait).

In case you missed out on any recent news,my Extended Play is now online on iTunes and can be purchased for a very cheap cost of $2.71CAD. If you're looking for a really good background mix, so far my favourite one would be this one which you can download for FREE at great quality.

As we approach the end of April, you can expect big things for this summer of 2012. I have mentioned in the past about my massive 2-hour mix and you can look forward to grabbing that around the beginning of May. I also have a lot of tracks lined up for remixing and I also have a production line going -- this way I can start putting out more original content for my listeners. We've also hit 111 likes on my Facebook page which is totally awesome. Don't forget to share all of my links around to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Good luck with your exams and I will see you all on the other side!