From producing Detroit Techno and Drum'N'Bass to Video Game Music and Psytrance, Arkaeus hits the internet with unique Electronica sounds. Having released successful remixes such as Madeleine Bloom's “Zero Tolerance” or Cell 7's "Red", Arkaeus explores the depths of audio synthesis bringing you tracks like "Prelude to Lunar Eclipse", "Dark Perils", and soon-to-be released EP "QcD".

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I know I haven't been all that active for a while now, So I must apologize. I've been fairly busy with university courses but have no worries as I've been slowly working on the next epic remix track. I'll also be uploading all of my previous remixes to my YouTube channel tonight so expect to see those online. I'll try to get around to editing and uploading my live show when I get the chance. Main priority right now goes toward school.

By next Friday I hope to have nothing left to work on for school so I'll probably upload a new mix so watch out for that too. And as always, when Exam time comes around I won't be as active for updating posts but when I'm bored from studying my remixes and mixes will be tarnished and polished.

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