From producing Detroit Techno and Drum'N'Bass to Video Game Music and Psytrance, Arkaeus hits the internet with unique Electronica sounds. Having released successful remixes such as Madeleine Bloom's “Zero Tolerance” or Cell 7's "Red", Arkaeus explores the depths of audio synthesis bringing you tracks like "Prelude to Lunar Eclipse", "Dark Perils", and soon-to-be released EP "QcD".

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Welcome to 2011 everyone!

I've got a couple of things that I want to recap that happened over 2010 and also things to come in 2011.

Firstly, I'll be uploading a new Best of Trance episode that I mixed during my exam period in December, but unfortunately I had to rotate one of my podcasts over to another host site. (Breaking the Surface episode 1 can now be found here)

November 2009:
  • My DJ career started

So what has happened?
  • For the first time, one of my remixes is on a compilation album ! (Zero Tolerance)
  • I've been getting new gear and my popularity is constantly growing
  • I did a live mix on my local radio station
  • Met more artists and vocalists in order to continuously build my connections
What's to come?
  • If you haven't already heard, I've produced my first track and will continue to produce a full out album consisting of a classical genre and the hopes is to release music videos on my YouTube account
  • Try my best to get a record deal. I'm in need of some income with this career in order to open up more doors
  • I need some more recognition around the world and tons more fan interactions! Spreading the word helps more than you know! (How else did this small time artist known as Deadmau5 hit it off big in so little time?)
  • Obviously my skill as a DJ will get better as I mix more, so you can expect more quality mixes of the different genres that you've heard so far.
  • I'm hoping I can do collaborations with artists. My buddy Bullet of Reason and I might do a couple of tracks together, so watch it for that.
  • ???
  • Who knows!
I hope the best of luck for everyone in the year 2011 and I would love to hear from you. You know how to contact me.

DJ Arkaeus

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