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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Show Frequency

Now that the summer term is complete and I'm back to full time university, the amount of time I spend on music will be much less, especially because this particular 4 month-term is extremely important. Due to this fact, I will be going from weekly Tuesday shows to once every Month. Specifically, the third week of every month on the Tuesday from 8:30pm to roughly 10pm Eastern Standard Time.

Don't forget that just because the frequency of the show has gone down, doesn't mean the quality of the shows will also decrease.

In other news, on the 20th of September I will most likely get my hands on those Sarah Solovay "Gone" stems which I gladly look forward to. I've also been working on a Roger Shah remix that is due for October 3rd. That remix will be huge for my career because of the quality of the remix that I've down thus far. It's more to my liking and I can honestly say I enjoy the sound much more than my others. But I won't be the judge of that contest, so hopefully others love it!

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